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Air Brush Custom Mask Contest - between the pipes

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October 23rd, 2006

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04:06 pm - Air Brush Custom Mask Contest
Hey all, maybe if I make an actual post it will prompt some activity here? I played my first game for the Senior Lady Monarchs (www.srladymonarchs.com) and posted an 11-0 shutout. Granted I only saw 6 shots, but it was fun and a good first game to get the butterflies out.

In other great news goalie related...I entered a contest to win a custom painted Sportmask T3...and yes I won! Here's the link to my entry, and you can see that they're running another contest. Enter! You too can win your own dream mask!


I must say the Boston Bruins goaltending has been pretty weak so far this season...Hannu just seems to be dropping into a butterfly for every shot/fake and then ending up on his butt. *sigh* I sort of wish we still had Raycroft.
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