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June 17th, 2004

04:46 pm
Woo, people actually joined the community! :) Hey goalie fans! Hope everyone's doing well. What an exciting finish to the Stanley Cup Finals! I miss hockey all ready.

So some big news the past few days ..

Irbe to Columbus
Khabibulin won't participate in the World Cup
Hasek news ..

Any thoughts?

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01:24 pm
x-posted in goalies

Hasek not planning to return to Detroit

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May 29th, 2004

01:39 am
hey hey..
I'm casey..and I live in Pensacola, Florida..we have a minor league team here..the Ice Pilots, of the ECHL..The mysticks were our old rival :(. anyway..i am a huge Tampa Bay Lightning fan..

My favorite goalie is Brian Eklund..he is a prospect of tampa's..he is currently their 3rd goalie and is traveling and practicing with the botls during the NHL playoffs..he played in pensacola as our #1 for one season..this one..and he wont be back :(..tampa is licking their chops because he is so good..sigh..

anyway, he has a website made for him:

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March 28th, 2004

02:32 pm
Woohoo, well the community is finally up and running ... bare with me .. it will take some tweaking when I have the time or patience to deal with LJ. Welcome aboard and have fun. :)

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